Macareno: A Recipe for Success

A new eatery in Versalles successfully celebrates Mexico’s “antojito” style eating affordably and with plenty of style.

YouTube Finds of the Week

A one-of-a-kind pop hit from 1975 and one of the most hilarious, most successful sketch comedies of all time!

Charrería, Intangible Cultural Heritage in Jalisco

Despite the fact that the United Nations recognizes charrería—Mexico’s traditional rodeo-like competitive sport—as one of our country’s Intangible Cultural Heritages, it wasn’t recognized as such by the state of Jalisco until this weekend. reports that it was yesterday, during the 60th anniversary of Guadalajara’s annual Charro Parade, that governor Enrique Alfaro made the announcement….

¡Pica! Spicy!

The whole world knows Mexico has an obsession with chiles. We even use them in our candy!