New Festival Combines Local Musical Talents With Environmental Awareness

A new event to take place this Saturday, January 11, 2020, at Chico’s Paradise in Puerto Vallarta’s South Shore is an excellent opportunity to get out of town, enjoy the talent of several renowned local bands in a natural setting, and raise awareness about our natural surroundings.

YouTube Finds of the Week

A one-of-a-kind pop hit from 1975 and one of the most hilarious, most successful sketch comedies of all time!

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Puerto Vallarta’s Institute of Musical Arts has something wonderful to offer just about everyone.

Harvest Time

A quick take on Herbie Hancock’s “Harvest Time.” Recorded at home. This song was featured in my recent music appreciation lecture, “Ten Great Songs and Their Stories.” Una versión de “Harvest Time,” de Herbie Hancock, grabada mientras mi pareja planchaba la ropa… Esta canción formó parte de mi reciente plática de apreciación musical, “Ten Great…