My Contemplative Sunday Presentation

As in seasons past, I’ve been invited to make a presentation later on this month for the Contemplative Sunday group, a group of local anglophones that meet at the Friendship Club on Sundays. In years past, I’ve spoken about music, touching base on the Puerto Vallarta experience. This time around, they had other suggestions and we came to a slightly different topic:

How to Learn More About Mexico From Your Living Room

If you enjoy Netflix at home, surprise! You are a cord cutter, that is, someone who enjoys television services provided through the Internet, and not a traditional cable service. You may not be aware of it, but you can learn more about Mexico than you can imagine through Netflix, YouTube and other channels accessible via the Internet. In this presentation, local journalist/musicologist Paco Ojeda will highlight choice programming that can help you broaden your appreciation and understanding of Mexico in general from the comfort of your living room, also ways in which you can better enjoy your life in Puerto Vallarta as a member of the local anglophone community through this knowledge.

I would invite you to attend but Contemplative Sunday is a closed group and I don’t have enough clout to extend an invitation (see below). That said, if you find this topic interesting and would like for me to make this presentation at a time/place open to anyone, please get in touch with me! If I get enough people I’ll be glad to schedule this at some point in the future. Otherwise, if you a member of Contemplative Sunday, perhaps they can enlighten you as to how to become involved.

According to their mission statement, the purpose of Contemplative Sunday is to provide a philosophical and spiritual experience in a judgment-free environment. Spirituality is a concept closely tied to transcendent reality and one’s sense of peace, the deep self and the meaning of life. Spirituality is not something “out there.” It is within each and every one of us. We all have divinity within, so why hide it under a bushel? Spirituality is humankind’s ultimate nature and purpose for being, and its potential connection to others generated from the power/energy/force/spirit within and/or the greater universe.

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Image by Andrés Rodríguez from Pixabay

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