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13 thoughts on “Newsletter • Boletín

    1. Covid has impacted PVR as much as any other tourism destination.
      Beaches are open, as well as restaurant.
      In terms of being at its peak, that’s a complicated question to answer. Thanks for chiming in!


  1. SO glad we found Coffee & Headlines!! First time viewers. Very informative and fun. We are moving to Puerto Vallarta in June. Lance & Jennifer Pool


      1. Paco:
        My wife, Jennifer, and I have arrived to be full time retirees in Puerto Vallarta. Through the past many months we have religiously watched the taped version of Coffee & Headlines each day while we were preparing to move from Dallas ( are you related to the wonderful Ojeda’s Restaurant). It truly carried us through the hard times of “purging our stuff” of 40 years! You made us feel like we were here and kept us encouraged to keep moving forward. Your show is a true jewel for all as as you say ” english speaking locals”. Glad that we can now watch the show live each day and hopefully become one of the “cluster”! Lance & Jennifer Pool


  2. I just recently began watching Coffee and Headlines on YouTube. My husband and I are regular visitors to Puerto Vallarta and have only recently discovered your program. It is really enjoyable and informative and from the new info we´ve obtained, our trips to PV will be even more memorable.
    Thanks for providing this service as it helps us newbies learn more about PV.


  3. Hola Paco interesante tu trabajo. Yo soy Coach de Bronceado Tanning Coach, cuido de la piel de los turistas con un tratamiento y productos naturales para un Bronceado artesanal y saludable, también tengo mucho contenido de valor que me gusta compartir para prevenir quemaduras del sol y cáncer de piel. Así que estoy a tus ordenes en face me encuentras como @sunbuster1 también en Instagram y Mucho gusto y te sigo a partir de hoy me recomendó una clienta y amiga fan tuya Linda Barry.


  4. Hey Paco. I found your vlog by accident and I love it. I think is so endaring to see someone so nicely trying to connect the community and, more importantly, putting thoughts and ideas out there. I like this that you are doing. Would be a pleasure to colaborate some time. Thumbs up!


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