Enjoy Our Walking Tours!

Puerto Vallarta is a walking-friendly city and the best way to discover its many neighborhoods is on foot. For some time now, we’ve been producing walking tours through different areas of the city and as time has gone by, we’ve added more bells and whistles to our videos with route maps, still photographs and narration when applicable. We feature our walking tours during our morning broadcasts with ongoing commentary, usually on Wednesdays (billed as ‘Walking Wednesdays’) and then upload them to YouTube as stand-alone features.

IMPORTANT: Since February 2022, we began producing individual maps for each route we walk (available in the YouTube descriptions as a link) with important landmarks we pass along the way, and releasing videos to YouTube in 4K, with high-quality stereo sound. 

Is there a particular area of Puerto Vallarta that you’d like us to explore? Let us know!