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Welcome to my website! My name is Paco Ojeda. I am a Puerto Vallarta-based journalist/multimedia content creator. Aside from having been the Managing Editor for Vallarta Lifestyles magazine for over a decade, I’ve also contributed content in other local, national and international publications.

Not counting tourists, there are approximately 35,000 US residents living in Puerto Vallarta, along with many other English-speaking folk from other countries, primarily Canada. But the interests of local anglophones are not necessarily the same as those of tourists.

Here you will find content (news, articles, interviews, reviews) created with anglophone locals in mind.

If you are looking for tourist-oriented content, activities or suggestions, there are already many excellent sources of online information for Puerto Vallarta tourists—from TripAdvisor to Facebook groups—along with print publications you can peruse once you arrive here.

That said, if you are more of a traveler and less of a tourist, if you like to think/feel/live local when you travel around the world, you may find some interesting content here!

If you’re looking for a specific topic, please take advantage of the category index at the bottom of every page. Have fun exploring Puerto Vallarta as a local!

A Very Special Welcome for New Business Owners!

When I first moved to Puerto Vallarta almost two decades ago, I started my new life chapter here from practically nothing—or as we say in Spanish, con una mano por delante y otra por detrás, which means, ‘with one hand in front of me and another one behind.’ So I know how challenging things can be at the beginning when you open a new business and are trying to spread the word. To make matters worse, it is increasingly difficult to get a press release published in local print publications without having to pay a fee for the privilege.

But not on this website! Local anglophones love to learn about new shops, products and services available here in Puerto Vallarta!

Please let me help you!

I would love to help spread the good word about your new business venture by writing about it here and taking some photos—consider it a welcome present—provided that:

  • Your target audience is local anglophones, not tourists. How will I know? I’m a local. I can tell!
  • Your business is in the Puerto Vallarta metropolitan area.
  • You have proof that you opened in Puerto Vallarta less than two months ago. (If you are not new but are doing something awesome and newsworthy with/for locals, I should know about, I’d still love to hear from you!)

If you fit the bill, please head over to the Contact page and drop me a line!

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