Discover Poke Poke Hawaiian Kitchen

Native Hawaiian Cuisine in Versalles

A mainstay of traditional Hawaiian cuisine, Poke yet another healthy option in Puerto Vallarta’s increasingly diverse culinary offer. Poke consists of fresh, raw fish that has been cubed and is served with condiments such as soy sauce, and diced fruits and vegetables. It is usually served in bowls and can be enjoyed as an appetizer or a main course.

Poke Poke is not entirely new to Puerto Vallarta. They had a brief stint in Emiliano Zapata, but a reset to a new neighborhood, new partners and a more laid back surrounding was largely overdue. The eatery relocated to a small building on Francia St., where they share space with other restaurants and shops (see map, below).

Fresh and healthy!

The project is headed by Federico Ramírez Chihu, Carla Patricia Barajas and Enrique González. “Enrique and I have been friends since we were 12 years old,” explains Federico. “He moved to Puerto Vallarta some four years ago. We liked his project and proposed an improved partnership, so we came here six months ago.”

Poke Poke Hawaiian Kitchen partners, Federico, Carla and Enrique.

The establishment is small but kept impeccably clean, with a choice to seat indoors, with ceiling fans keeping things cool, or al fresco, under umbrellas.

There is a small but nice selection of poke bowls to choose from, along with a yummy Hawaiian/Mexican merger: fish tacos served on lettuce leaves.

A healthy take on the fish taco!

To complement the healthy menu, Poke Poke has partnered with Refresca Aguas Artesanales, a local company that bottles flavored waters with  unique combinations of fruits and herbs using 100 percent natural ingredients.

It is worth mentioning that while their street address is on Francia St., they are on a corner building and the restaurant is actually located around the corner on Liverpool St.

For more information, find Poke Poke Hawaiian Kitchen on Facebook.

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