Question of the Week: How do you consume local information?

But first, our previous question

In the last question we touched base on local news (Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco and Mexico) and how much you enjoy being well informed about what’s happening here, as opposed to your country of origin. The good news—or at least I think they are!—is that the majority of you wish to be better informed about what goes on around us here in Puerto Vallarta and the rest of the country.

This chart indicates responses as of September 22, 2019. The question remains open, so the results may shift moving forward.

This Week’s Question

When it comes to staying connected in Puerto Vallarta in English, there are many of us that are itching for your undivided attention, and eager to learn how to best get to you—myself included. Each website, Facebook group, video channel, print publication, TV station, radio station and podcast are different in the ways we go about it, but we all have a shared goal to connect with you. (I know you have favorites, I do too!)

In my case, as you know, I am interested in connecting with English-speaking locals and a few adventurous travelers.

Regardless of the source, some of us like print media while others prefer online content in its many variations. Please take a look at the options below, and feel free to select as many as you enjoy.


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Image by kalhh from Pixabay

3 thoughts on “Question of the Week: How do you consume local information?

  1. I was a big fan of talk radio on Radio Jalisco. Sadly, our local station was closed down, and everything got centralized in Guadalajara. Local news has virtually disappeared on radio. I miss it.


    1. Thanks for chiming in, Alain. I actually think this is a perfect time for anyone interested in podcasting local news to fly with a new project. I miss Radio Cultural as well… 😦


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