Question of the Week: How Do You Choose New Restaurants to Explore?

But First, our Previous Question

In the last question, we touched base on different ways in which you like to consume local information, and you were asked to select your three favorite outlets. The results are as follows:

Clearly, Facebook continues to reign as an indispensable place to look for and/or post important information. It is good to see print publications continuing to have a meaningful place in our community as well.

For those of us that publish information on websites such as this one, it is great to see that a large number of you are in the habit of following us! And if you enjoy being up to date with local news through an ongoing newsletter such as the one available through this website, don’t forget to subscribe to mine!

This Week’s Question

Fall wouldn’t be approaching in Puerto Vallarta if we didn’t start noticing (or start hearing people discuss) new restaurants and eateries opening all over town. With so many amazing dining options already available to pick from, it takes a lot of passion and creative vision for an entrepreneur to launch a new venue, be it a gourmet restaurant or an informal street stand.

So when it’s time to try new places, what influences your opinion the most? Please take a look at the options below and pick up to three of your top ones.

Make a difference by answering previous questions! Simply look for the ‘question of the week’ tag! And if you would like to recommend any new restaurants you’ve tried recently, please do so in the comments section, below!

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