Shop for Art Supplies in Puerto Vallarta

A few days ago, while perusing Tricia Lyman’s excellent Puerto Vallarta Facebook Group, I came across a post by Leighann Lewis that totally pushed my buttons in the best possible way: she was looking for art supplies stores in Puerto Vallarta. Being a crafter at heart—nowadays with very little time to pursue my things—my mind quickly traveled back in time to the days in which not only did we lack a good art supply shop, we didn’t even have an Office Depot in town and one could only find Post-It pads at local papelerías (school supply stores) in one size and one color: yellow!

My favorite source in town, and practically the only one until a few years ago, is México Mágico, a shop owned by Javier Santana Alencaster with two locations, one in Juárez 534 in El Centro, and one at Av. Las Torres 131-A in Fraccionamiento Los Sauces.

At México Mágico, artist and crafters can find all the basic supplies required, from easels and blank canvases to acrylic paints and assorted mediums.

I am particularly fond of these ready-to-paint wood boxes and containers, although being mindful of the environment, I often prefer to create them out of recycled cardboard.

The shop in El Centro may be more convenient to most. However, I love shopping at the Los Sauces location because the store can easily be found next to a corner Kiosko, and there is parking available for the store. Also, Avenida Los Sauces features a bunch of fun shops and eateries worthy of exploration.

The shop is not very large, but it is well stocked with all the basic necessities. Click on the 360º image below to look around!

There are many ‘México Mágico’ pages on Facebook, but I found the one linked to the store. Here is all the basic info:

México Mágico

Juárez 534, Col. Centro
Puerto Vallarta

Av. Las Torres 131-A, Fraccionamiento Los Sauces
Puerto Vallarta

Folks may be under the impression that the shop in El Centro has closed. In fact, he simply relocated across the street. Here is a map for reference:

(There is also a small art supply store at Plaza Caracol, and I understand that Art Vallarta, an artist space in Amapas, also sells them.)

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