Question of the Week: How’s Your Sense of Curiosity and Adventure?

But First, our Previous Question

You know those special occasions in which you get to meet someone you admire, and you only have a limited amount of time to ask a question or two, and you’re left feeling like you wish you had answers to more questions? That’s precisely the way I feel after our previous question of the week, related to the type of events you enjoy attending in Puerto Vallarta. Take a look:

You see, as Puerto Vallarta locals, you clearly enjoy live music performances, but I’m left wondering if you mean active listening experiences (as in, going to a concert and paying undivided attention to the performers) or listening to a group playing background music at a bar or restaurant. You clearly favored live theater performances, but since in a previous question many of you expressed that you don’t go out to see more than one show a month, I’m left wondering if you mean traditional theater, or the type of ‘theatrical’ shows such as those presented at venues such as Act II, Incanto or The Palm. (Apparently, the plethora of cabaret-style performances these venues offer for tourists are not your particular cup of tea…)

You also expressed your interest in open-air markets, but here I’m wondering if you mean the very familiar ‘farmer’s’ and arts & crafts markets that pop up in Puerto Vallarta and surrounding communities during the fall, winter and spring seasons, or if I’m bound to run into you at any of the traditional Mexican-style tianguis or outdoor markets.

(If you are wondering what people wrote down under the ‘other’ category, they mentioned fundraising events, a glaring omission on my part.)

This Week’s Question

Having chosen to relocate to Puerto Vallarta, I wonder how adventurous and curious you are about your surroundings. For some, Banderas Bay offers neighborhoods and experiences that are similar enough to those found north of the border, such that the experience of moving to this part of Mexico presents its challenges, but remains familiar enough. For others, living in a foreign country and immersing themselves in a new culture offers new and exciting experiences pretty much on a daily basis. The good thing is, this sandbox we call Puerto Vallarta is large enough to fit most of us in the communities we choose and the company we keep.

Where do you fit in that spectrum? To make it easy for you, I’ve broken things down into three broad categories. Remember, this is not a pass-or-fail poll. There is no good or bad answer!

Make a difference by answering previous questions! Simply look for the ‘question of the week’ tag! And if you have any specific comments, please feel free to share them with us in the comments section, below.

Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

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