Coffee & Headlines • November 11, 2020

From today’s broadcast:


New health guidelines for restaurants coming tomorrow, says Jalisco Governor Enrique Alfaro: (Vallarta Independiente)

Joe Biden asks to speak with AMLO, Mexican Ambassador in Washington responds ‘not yet:’ (Informador)

Here’s Mexican Ambassador in the US Martha Bárcena’s reply (IN ENGLISH): (Twitter)

It can happen to you: 12-story building in Mexico City to be demolished for lack of permits: (Excelsior)


La Gallega

Discover La Gallega, a wonderful new tapas restaurant in Colonia Versalles: (Facebook)

La Gallega is located right next door to Orégano on Aldanaca St.
The space is intimate, colorful and very well ventilated.
Lacon de Porco, cocida y alinada en aove y pimenton
Polbo a Feira, trozos de pulpo cocido y alinado con aove, pimentón y sal gorda

La Gallega is the latest addition to our Versalles For Foodies project, an interactive map with precise locations for over two dozen amazing eateries in Colonia Versalles and surrounding areas. Versalles For Foodies is available for Coffee & Headlines supporting members and will be made available to the general public in March, 2021. In the mean time, if you are a foodie, consider supporting Coffee & Headlines and enjoying this useful map!

Five minutes that will make you love sopranos: (The New York Times)

Here’s the location for the Bazar Las Gaviotas, mentioned on the program today, or find them on Facebook.


Part Two: Women Are Scum

LISTEN: ‘Ojalá que te Mueras’ (I Hope You Die) by Grupo Pesado.

I hope you die
May the Earth open wide and may you sink in it
May everyone forget you and may Heaven’s doors close for you
And may everyone humiliate you
May your soul be grief-struck and the more you hurt
The more they hurt you

I hope you die
May your soul go to hell and your cry be eternal
May you pay for cheating on me
When I loved you so
May thorns prick your heart
If you have any heart left

May remembering me be a torment for you
If you ever do
May the pain be so much
That you beg for forgiveness
If it becomes unbearable

I hope you die
May your whole world be forgotten
I know I shouldn’t hate you
But it’s impossible to forget
What you did to me

I hope you die
May your whole world be empty
May every tear you shed
Burn your soul
May you never find peace
I hope you die

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