Coffee & Headlines • October 15, 2020

From today’s broadcast:


Carnival postpones cruises in Mexico’s Pacific Riviera until 2021: (Contralinea)

Zero tolerance in Jalisco if ‘Emergency Button’ is pushed: (Informador)

Jalisco to consider ‘citizen watch’ to help identify and report citizens and businesses that don’t follow sanitary guidelines: (Informador)

Federal government allows for stadiums to re-open, but not Jalisco, not yet: (Mural)

Cervantino Festival opens, but businesses don’t benefit from virtual events: (El Universal)

The cheese and yoghurt ban, a ‘historic landmark,’ says PROFECO: (Proceso)

Viva Aerobús misplaces a passenger’s cat: (Vallarta Opina)

Anthony Fauci urges Americans to reconsider Thanksgiving gatherings amid pandemic (IN ENGLISH): (Huffington Post)

Are you using hand sanitizer properly? Find out here (IN ENGLISH): (Huffington Post)


Mantamar Beach Club incident makes headlines in the US (IN ENGLISH): (Towleroad)

International influencers visit Puerto Vallarta: (Vallarta Opina)

WATCH: A cluster of daddy longlegs hanging out in Ajijic.

WATCH: Orchestra starts playing the wrong concerto in piano competition nightmare: (Classic FM)

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