Coffee & Headlines • June 22, 2020


Number of active Covid-19 cases in Jalisco decreases slightly, but we continue to be in the red zone (Informador)

Tourists, locals spotted at Los Muertos Beach (Vallarta Opina)

The Marigalante resumes tours (Vallarta Opina)

Marina Vallarta springs back to life with restaurant activity (Vallarta Opina)

Locals surprised to find shopping centers closed on weekend (that’s the guideline) (Vallarta Opina)

WATCH: Puerto Vallarta Municipality produces videos with testimonials by locals (instead of experts) on why the tree cutting along the Pitillal River was justified.

IMSS Director Zoé Robledo is Covid-19 free after a two-week quarantine (Proceso)

Cruise industry announces US sailing suspension extended until September 15 (Yahoo)


Mexican creativity? Maybe, but there is no way I’m trying any of these concoctions anytime soon (Heraldo de México)

Apple begins its annual WWDC conference. Here’s where to watch it online (The Verge)

Happy Birthday, Meryl Streep! Which movie of hers would you watch today to celebrate?

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One thought on “Coffee & Headlines • June 22, 2020

  1. From Vallarta Everything Facebook site Monday
    🙏🙏🙏 Girls be very careful in Versailles they are trying to kidnap girls who are alone, and I tell you because it just happened to me 20 minutes ago, they tried to kidnap me, in the middle of the day, he is a thin boy with glasses that were broken with a piece of tape , the guy must have about twenty-odd tees, he doesn’t have a mustache or a beard, he goes in a small white car, I don’t know about cars, but it was about the size of an atos, but it’s not atos, they ask you for directions. to the joints, the car brings a strip in the part of the rear seats that separates, as if the rear were a cage and the glasses are tinted from those that you can see absolutely nothing, the back plates start with ZHK, so they are very careful, I know that we as Vallartans are very kind and we always want to help, and in the middle of the day one would not think that they would want to kidnap her, that happened one block from the Versailles grocery store behind an apartment building not many people pass by that street, luckily a lady passed when they were asking me and she pretended she knew me and she stayed with me until she left, I came with my hands carrying some things since I came from the grocery store, the truth if That seemed strange to me, but I suppose I was confident of the fact that it was broad daylight, in addition to the fact that it is a place although little traveled but that crosses a fairly busy street since it is the reason why this sushi in house that joins the avenue Medina Ascencio with Versailles, I have always thought that it is a very safe neighborhood since nothing has ever happened to me, or assault, or that they follow me or anything, be very careful please if you see a car with a grid inside, run no stay there, tell your acquaintances to be cautious, you have to spread the word to everyone.


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