Coffee & Headlines • June 17, 2020


Marina Vallarta Gran Turismo hotels begin to reopen and welcome tourists (Contralinea)

Tourists, locals continue to return to local beaches maintaining safe distancing, for the most part (Vallarta Opina)

Major cruise lines expected to resume operations by August (Vallarta Opina)

Municipal government reminds local protesters that decisions on what opens and what doesn’t are made at state and federal level (Contralinea)

HSBC Las Glorias branch closed due to Covid-19 cases among staff (NoticiasPV)

Puerto Vallarta’s Director of Social Development Victor Bernal tests positive for Covid-19, in quarantine (Vallarta Opina)

Ixtlahuacán Mayor Eduardo Cervantes Aguilar’s bank accounts seized by government for alleged connections to organized crime (Contralinea)

Clients ask shopping centers to maintain strict Covid-19 safety guidelines in check (NoticiasPV)

75 percent of Covid-19 cases in Mexico have recovered (Jornada)

Nuevo León school principal accused of flunking students for not having Internet access (Excelsior)

And now, the best Covid headline to date! Flushing the toilet could create a 3-foot vortex of airborne coronavirus poop particles, a new study shows (Business Insider)


Removal of trees along Río Pitillal raises concerns among local environmentalists (Vallarta Independiente)

The design and science of patio dining during a pandemic (Wired)

Happy birthday to Christopher Biles of Chachalaca bar! Here is a reminder of his GoFundMe campaign.

Pepe’s Tacos opens a new branch in Colonia Emiliano Zapata (Facebook)

Formerly the executive chef at Daiquiri Dick’s, Chef Hnoi Latthitham has launched her new Facebook page for you to like!

The New York Times shows you how to be a socially distanced orchestra:

Create your own Jackson Pollock style paintings at home (MakeUseOf)

In case you missed it, my wobbly walking tour along Emiliano Zapata neighborhood yesterday. Yes, the camera was wobbly, and the phrase we use in Spanish to describe that is ‘pulso de maraquero,’ or ‘maraca player pulse.’

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