Coffee & Headlines • June 6, 2020


All states in the Covid-19 red according to the federal health ‘stoplight’: (Excelsior)

Yucatán reports they are now in ‘orange’ zone in federal health stoplight, despite the fact that they are not shown as such by federal government (Informador)

State governors request direct dialogue with Mexico President López Obrador regarding state vs. federal health stoplight guidelines (Informador)

Car washes, office supply stores and bookstores can now open in Nayarit, says Governor Antonio Echevarría (Vallarta Independiente)

OMS publishes new guidelines concerning the use of face masks, to be used in countries/places where Covid-19 is spreading massively and it is difficult to maintain social distance (Informador)

Giovanni López family claims he was tortured for three hours for attempting to videotape police while he was being detained (Heraldo de México)

Jalisco protests, a distraction to conceal AMLO’s failure to deal with Covid-19, says Jalisco Governor Enrique Alfaro (Heraldo de México)

Governor Alfaro, frustrated and angry with clear documentation of Jalisco’s police excessive use of force during Guadalajara manifestations (Heraldo de México)

Alfaro shifts blame away from AMLO, to high-ranking members of his political party (Informador)

‘He who makes an accusation must show proof,’ says AMLO regarding accusations made by Governor Alfaro about so-called professional hecklers inciting violence during Guadalajara’s manifestations (Proceso)

Zero tolerance prevails in the state of Jalisco towards people that are out in public where not allowed (parks and such) and businesses reopening without proper authorization (NoticiasPV)

Ixtlahuacán mayor, expected to declare before the state’s prosecutor office yesterday, did not show (Heraldo de México)


Secretary of Culture works in conjunction with Secretary of Health to prepare a guide to reopening cultural spaces, when the time comes (Informador)

DOWNLOAD: Here’s a direct link to the guide for cultural spaces:

Access to Malecon II’s restaurants and shops (from Los Arcos to the Río Cuale) will not happen until Monday (Contralínea)

The guide to Vallarta’s Virtual Pride Week is up on the Facebook Group!

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