Spicy Marmalade Sighting at Walmart!

For better or worse, I very much enjoy visiting all—if not most—aisles whenever I’m shopping at the supermarket or at Costco if I have the time to do so. You never know when new products may show up on the shelves, and in the case of Costco, you never know when they will be stocked again. This morning’s exercise paid off, as I spotted spicy marmalades made by McCormick! How nice to live in a country that is nuts about chile peppers!

I know. Purists might argue that I might consider making my own marmalades, or spicing to my liking the ones already available, but what can I say… It was a small jar and I had to bring one home. A small brochure with savory recipes was attached to the jar, but of course, my first trial will be on a cracker with peanut butter.

Sounds disgusting? You have to live in, and/or love Mexico to get our affair with spicy sweets. In fact, I wrote an entire article about it during my short stint as editor for the Vallarta Tribune!

Have you tried these? Feel free to leave a comment, below!

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One thought on “Spicy Marmalade Sighting at Walmart!

  1. …and then there is spicy chocolate! What could be more Mexican than that? I think everything sweet should come with a little spice. EVERYTHING! LOL!


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