New Festival Combines Local Musical Talents With Environmental Awareness

Los Horcones Music Festival, a new event to take place this Saturday, January 11, 2020, at Chico’s Paradise in Puerto Vallarta’s South Shore is an excellent opportunity to get out of town, enjoy the talent of several renowned local bands in a natural setting, and raise awareness about Los Horcones River, the last river that still reaches our Bay in its wild and un-dammed manner. The festival will start at 1 pm, continuing until 6 pm.

For those not familiar with the venue, Chico’s Paradise is a scenic restaurant located next to the Los Horcones River, right before reaching Las Juntas y Los Veranos, some 25 minutes south of Puerto Vallarta by car. Chico’s Paradise features traditional Mexican fare in their menu, along with the usual assortment of tequila, margaritas and other beverages. A unique attraction at Chico’s Paradise includes local guys that dive from high boulders into the river’s running water, for tips, of course:

The festival will feature a series of 45-minute sets by local musicians, including HueJazz in the Sand, Tatewari, Media Luna, Moruno and others. A smart move on behalf of the organizers was to seek sponsorships from local businesses in order for the musical performances to take place!

A selection of food and drinks will be available at the event, which will be cash only. Bringing reusable water bottles for drinking is recommended, and given Chico’s Paradise location next to a series of swimming holes and waterfalls, bringing a swimsuit is always a good idea.

Access to the festival is free, but a donation to the Los Horcones Defense Fund is suggested.

Why This Festival Matters

Los Horcones is the last river free from the constraints of dams that still flows freely from the heights of the Sierra Madre Occidental to Banderas Bay. It deserves and critically needs the kind of protection that only a conscious and caring community can provide. Until recently, this area located along the municipal border between Puerto Vallarta and Cabo Corrientes had remained, for the most part, an intact jewel, even when construction has boomed in other parts of our region.

Over the last two years, however, we have seen an increase in land-use change along and near the Los Horcones river. In many places, the formerly pristine forest has been cleared for development at a pace of great concern for conservationists throughout Mexico and beyond. About a year ago, an attempt was even started to dam this river. Fortunately, the dam project is now suspended, at least temporarily, but not without permanent damage to the river caused by clearcutting, dynamiting, and bull-dozing, forever altering what had lasted for millennia as sculpted granite walls.

Attending the festival will allow us to become better acquainted with the importance of this natural resource, along with ways in which all of us can make a combined difference.

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