Recycle Your Dolce Gusto Capsules

Guilty as charged! I love the convenience of Dolce Gusto coffee makers. I usually French press my coffee, but sometimes, when I’m in a rush or feeling lazy, I rely on my Dolce Gusto. That said, I must confess to an increasing sense of environmental remorse every time I use it. So much plastic!

I was happy to discover recently that Nestlé is now implementing a recycling initiative for their Dolce Gusto capsules, with drop-off locations throughout the country, and here in Puerto Vallarta. Their website, in Spanish, has detailed information. Here’s the gist:

Nestlé recommends piercing the top membranes of your capsules after use (a fork or a sharp knife does the trick) and placing them face down so that the remaining liquid can drain out. You do not need to remove the contents, as their equipment can separate organic and inorganic residues. Place them in their own recycling bags (sent to you if you place an online order of $450 pesos or more) or any bag you may have, since these are also recycled.

Their local collection center is located at Redpack, on Viena 261 in Colonia Versalles. Calling ahead (225-1962) is always a good idea to make sure they’re open.

Since this is near my home, I went there and confirmed that they are receiving the capsules without a problem.

For more information and more Spanish narrative, here’s a YouTube video you may want to check out:

If you own a Dolce Gusto coffee maker or received one as a gift this holiday season, enjoy it guilt-free knowing that you have a recycling option available to you.

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Image courtesy of Dolce Gusto.

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