Coffee & Headlines • April 30, 2020


Two links to begin our acquaintance with remdesivir, a new drug that MAY be helpful in treating coronavirus:

Americans don’t want to end social distancing policies despite financial devastation, says survey. (VOX)

Almost 40 (well, 39) local businesses shut down for failing to follow emergency sanitary measures. (Contralinea)

The state of Durango sanctions citizens that don’t follow stay-at-home guidelines by making them sweep the streets—good for Durango. (Heraldo de México)

Aeromexico starts resuming international flights on May 1. (Proceso)

The novel frugality—after decades of materialism, some Americans are experimenting with thriftiness for the first time. (VOX)

Covid, Corona and Lockdown: the newborns named after a pandemic. (Yahoo)

PBS NewsHour on loneliness, plus a book to read on the healing power of human connection:


Guadalajara’s May Cultural Festival will go digital. (Heraldo de México)

May Cultural Festival official website:

SPECIAL FEATURE: TwoSet Violin vs. The Recorder

Learn about TwoSet Violin:

Check out TwoSet Violin’s YouTube channel

Learn about Grammy Award-winning violinist Hilary Hahn.

Good! Now, watch Hilary Hahn hula hoop while she plays her violin:

Finally, watch professional recorder player Sarah Jeffrey of Team Recorder react to TwoSet Violin’s video in which they compare the violin with the recorder!

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