Local Artists Turn to the Streaming Stage

An increasing number of local performers are turning to live streaming to reach their audiences. Some are doing it simply to pass the time, affected by social distancing guidelines, but many are doing it to earn much-needed income.

While the Facebook live route is working fine for those looking for some sort of income, there is no guarantee that folks watching you will actually follow through on a donation, particularly for those not well-versed with money transfer and/or streaming technology. If you are an artist looking for a more structured way to present their performances with the assurance that their audience will actually pay to enjoy, or if you are at home looking for ways to support artists you know, there is a website to consider.

Meet Stageit.com

Stageit is an online venue where artists perform live, interactive, monetized shows for their fans directly from a laptop, offering fans unique experiences that are never archived. Artists that sign up for the service are able to schedule and promote their performances online through the Stageit website and other social media outlets and determine how much to charge for “attendance.” It also allows both fans and artists to be part of the show, as fans are encouraged to ask the artist questions, request songs, and even chat with other fans during the show.

The technical requirements to perform live using Stageit are not that different than those required for Facebook or YouTube live screencasts, with Stageit providing all the infrastructure required for artists to interact with their audience, providing an intimate experience. While the service has yet to rise in popularity in Puerto Vallarta, artists that have graced our stages are scheduling performances through Stageit (for example, Branden & James). Artists sell tickets to their shows at a price that they choose. Fans buy tickets and can tip the artist throughout the performance. The website keeps a percentage based on how many tickets were sold.

Learn more about Stageit.com by visiting their website. As an audience member, you can sign up and support artists you know and love!

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