Bahía World Music Festival Announces Dates for 2020 Event

Bahía World Music Festival (BWMF) organizers are already making preparations for the second edition of this new annual event, to take place December 5 & 6, once again at Oscar’s Restaurant in Isla Río Cuale. The first-ever BWMF took place in Puerto Vallarta on December 7 & 8, 2019. Over the course of two days, audiences gathered at Oscar’s to enjoy local music from around the world, performed by renowned visiting musicians and a handful of local favorite bands, including Moruno, Media Luna and Tatehuari.

The event was founded by Media Luna frontman, Jair Cabrera, along with local music aficionado-turned-writer Christie Seeley, who has been supporting and promoting local bands through her own website, Vallarta Sounds, as well as through weekly articles published in local weeklies. 

In creating the foundations for the BWMF, organizers decided to prioritize several factors that made the first edition of the festival quite successful:

  1. No soundchecks during the event. In order to diminish distractions for the audience, all participating bands had to do their soundcheck during the mornings.
  2. A quality audio experience for bands and audiences. Musicians need to be able to hear themselves and each other properly while playing to produce quality music. Furthermore, audiences need to be able to hear the music through a well-balanced mix at a comfortable volume. “We wanted the music to sound as though we were recording a live album,” commented Jair to that effect. “Unfortunately, many people associate live music events with a loud listening experience. We want the music to sound as best as possible, not necessarily loud.”
  3. A secondary stage featuring other acts while musicians on the main stage were setting up between performances. This guaranteed a fluid experience for attendees during the actual festival.
  4. A young musician’s talent competition with cash prizes. “It is very important to us to invest in the education and development of young musicians,” stressed Jair. “As such, we will feature an annual competition that will increase in size and scope as time goes by.”

Stay in touch!

For the second edition of BWMF organizers (which now include yours truly!), are in the process of updating the official festival website, nurturing its Facebook page, and reaching out to new and exciting musicians to enhance the experience for those enjoying the 2020 event. Here are some things you can do today so you won’t miss a beat:

  1. Like the Bahía World Music Festival page on Facebook.
  2. Bookmark the festival website on your browser.
  3. Join the festival’s mailing list to receive timely updates.


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