Take a Look at the New A Page In the Sun!

As you may already know, A Page in the Sun, the venerable bookstore/café, has recently located to a new location, next door, thanks to a fortuitous alliance with local sculptor, Jim Demetro. I decided to pay them a visit to learn more about the alliance and check out the vastly improved new space.

I sat down to chat with Lindsey Leyva, who along with her sister, Gabriela Gómez, are partners in A Page in the Sun. The bookstore was originally founded by their mother and brother-in-law some 30 years ago. “My mother originally visited Puerto Vallarta around the 50s and fell in love with the destination,” comments Lindsey. “The rest is history.”

Rows and rows of books along with comfy areas to enjoy them, are a trademark of A Page in the Sun.

A Page in the Sun was originally located on Olas Altas St., where it started with an eclectic selection of softcover books and an espresso bar. After two decades on Olas Altas, the bookstore/cafe relocated to Lázaro Cárdenas park, where it continued for another nine years. Along the way, sisters Lindsey and Gabriela decided to contribute to the project with their own line of homemade bread and pastries.

Eva and Jim Demetro with Lindsey Leyva.

The time came for Lindsey and Gabriela to find a new location sometime this past June. As the search for a suitable location began, the sisters felt increasingly frustrated with the inability to find what they were looking for. The answer came one month later, quite unexpectedly, from a next-door neighbor and frequent customer, Jim Demetro. “We were chatting with him and he told us ‘well, I don’t really need that much space’ so we began imagining the combined space.”

The entire right-hand side is devoted to Jim Demetro’s gallery space.

Once all wants and needs were considered, the artist asked to keep ⅓ of the space, with the rest devoted to A Page in the Sun. “The locale had to be conditioned,” adds Lindsey. “It was basically a large rectangle without partitions. Remodeling began during the month of August and continued until just last week. We opened this past Monday, and everybody has been thrilled with the way the new bookstore/gallery turned out.”

A special display cabinet was created for Jim Demetro’s reproductions, along with those by his daughter. How many public sculptures can you spot in this picture?

The new, third location for A Page in the Sun still features cozy areas to sit down and enjoy a nice cup of coffee while reading a book and chatting with friends. Now, however, it also has the complementary artsy feeling of having a constantly shifting art exhibition in the same space. The addition of a formal kitchen now allows for the preparation of baguettes and other light fare.

Renowned for his contributions to Puerto Vallarta’s Malecón sculpture collection, sculptor Jim Demetro shows works by a select group of artists in the gallery space, which also allows him to sell reproductions of some of his most iconic sculptures. He continues to collaborate with Gary Thompson of Galería Pacífico for Gary’s free Thursday Sculpture Tour. “Gary’s tour stops here and I present a brief explanation of my sculpture making process, from designing the piece to its casting,” he explains.

A Page in the Sun also schedules occasional book-signing events showcasing local authors, and live music. To learn about upcoming special events, please consider liking their Facebook page.

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4 thoughts on “Take a Look at the New A Page In the Sun!

  1. I too remember the days on Olas Alas. I saw the new location on Facebook book and wounded if you would highlight this heart of Vallarta home spun cafe.
    Thanks Paco


    1. Thank you for your remarks and for reading me, Mary! Yes, it’s been quite the story for this awesome bookstore/cafe. I was thrilled to learn the story behind it, and with them much success moving forward. 🙂


  2. Gotta go see the new space… I wonder if they have all the books I donated a couple months ago? Books on art, architecture, travel, economics, politics… it was a library all unto itself! But it was time to lighten my bookshelves.


    1. Thanks for chiming in, Paul! It is a very nice improvement both for the previous location and also for artist Jim Demetro. Combined, they will undoubtedly see more foot traffic coming in and out on a regular basis.


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