Discover Fredy Mariscos in Versalles

When you consider the popularity of seafood restaurants in Puerto Vallarta, given our coastal location, one could probably dine at a different one each day and it would take more than a year to go through the entire list. Given the fact that many of these eateries is quite wonderful, how does one go about picking one from the lot? I posed this exact question to owner Alfredo Macedo, who began our experience with an effusive “welcome” upon arrival.

Alfredo or “Fredy” (hence the name) is no newcomer to the seafood restaurant trade. It was back in the 60s when at age 13, he began helping his parents selling seafood. “This is what I grew up doing, so this is how I’ve chosen to make my living,” he explained. Some 18 months ago, he decided to branch out from the Ocho Tostadas brand (a highly-regarded seafood franchise in town) and open up his Versalles-based restaurant. He tells me that to date, the response has been excellent.

Back to the question at hand about how to stand out around such tight competition among local seafood restaurants, Fredy was quick to mention uniqueness: “You have to offer different dishes. You can find the standard fare in just about every seafood restaurant, so you need to introduce new dishes.” Not being in the biz but being one to enjoy trying out new restaurants on a regular basis, I would volunteer that offering a good product at a fair price, combined with outstanding service and a touch of originality doesn’t hurt. Very much to our fortune, we found all of the above during this, our first visit.

When we arrived, the staff had just opened and they were enthusiastically getting ready for their first guests—us. Fredy Mariscos is located on Lucerna St., next to the very popular Plataforma 322 performance space, making it an ideal spot to catch an early dinner before an evening performance, for example. It is only three short walks from Francisco Medina Ascencio Avenue, which makes it quite convenient for folks moving about on public transportation.

The place is open, airy, spacious with ceiling fans strategically placed all around the dining area. Colorful blackboards are used to promote daily specials. Over the well-stocked bar, drink specials are promoted as well as some uncommon cocktails, such as their pisco sour, an alcoholic cocktail of Peruvian origin that is typical of the cuisines from Chile and Peru.

Nothing beats a marlin tostada to begin a seafood experience in Puerto Vallarta!

I must confess that I walked in with a very specific craving for a marlin burrito, which I didn’t find on the menu. No biggie, as I gladly settled for a marlin tostada, not to mention that I had just been seduced by a photo they posted on their Facebook page of a fried octopus entree served over melted cheese, so I ordered that. Delicious! We shared a buttered fish filet that was quite flavorful and barely had room for dessert—flan and coffee.

My fried octopus entree was amazing, and it included tortillas on the side to make tacos at the table!

The menu is quite extensive and affordable, and their Pacifico beer (my personal point of reference when I go out exploring restaurants) was only $28 pesos—not bad at all!

The fish fillet we shared, so smooth and tender!

Again, there are many awesome seafood restaurants all over the city, and Fredy Mariscos is not even the only one in Colonia Versalles. But if you find yourself in the ‘hood, I strongly recommend it. They are located at Lucerna 153.

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