Question of the Week: Which Nearby Destination Would You Like to Learn More About?

But First, our Previous Question

In the last question I asked how you go about choosing restaurants when you go out to eat. The results were quite enlightening in several ways:

As the graph shows, a large majority of you base your choice around word of mouth This makes perfect sense in a city where eating out is such a popular pastime! A considerable group pays attention to reviews and write-ups, such as those you can find here at, and this is good news to me, as I love checking out new restaurants, particularly those belonging to small entrepreneurs who are trying to break through the stiff competition in town while offering new concepts. Facebook groups faired quite well, as well.

The news were not so great for print and online publications that provide advertising opportunities for restaurants and other businesses. Apparently, you don’t pay that much attention to ads and/or advertisements have lost credibility among readers.

The part that truly surprised me has to do with quality photographs. Being a photographer, and having spent most of the last two decades trying to persuade restaurants to invest in quality imagery, I must admit that I am a total sucker for a beautiful photograph of a dish, whether I find it on social media or in a print publication. Not many people chose this as a deciding factor. Who knew!

This Week’s Question

Having just published an article on San Sebastian del Oeste that I wrote for Gay Entertainment Weekly a few months ago, I’m reminded that I’m due for a day trip or overnight getaway. But where to go next? In the years that I’ve been in Puerto Vallarta, I’ve allowed myself plenty of time to look around, so now I turn to you: 

Which nearby destination would you like to learn more about? Help me make up my mind by selecting up to three choices, below. This time around, I’ve added an “other” option in case I forget to include a destination you might be intrigued about. As always, I will explore with video and photographic equipment in tow, coming back with enough recommendations for you to explore on your own!

Remember to select up to three choices!

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