Question of the Week: How Much Do You Care About Local News, Politics and Policies?

But first, last week’s question

Last week’s question of the week had to do with how frequently you enjoy live, ticketed performances in Puerto Vallarta. I asked that question for the same reason I will continue to ask questions on a weekly basis: I want to know what you are interested in—or not—because I want to know what kind of stories to feature on this webpage to keep you interested in coming back.

The results of the poll speak for themselves: more than half of you attend ticketed live performances less than once a month. Of course, I didn’t ask if you would choose to go more frequently if venues programmed other types of entertainment because probing that deep is—or should be—done by the venues, restaurants, and any other participants in the service industry interested in attracting their own clientele. The question will remain open for a few weeks, so if you did not take the time to answer it, you are welcome to do so by clicking on the results chart, below.

This chart indicates responses as of September 6, 2019. The question remains open, so the results may shift moving forward.

My last week preamble ruffled a few feathers, including those of one of the local venue owners, which I find flattering, as I am truly drawn to disagreements in the way they open our eyes to other viewpoints, but only when we choose to allow that to happen. Unfortunately, as a society, we are quickly forgetting how to debate ideas and how to dislike things without destroying them. If you are intrigued by this notion, I invite you to read a wonderful essay penned by Bret Stephens, published by The New York Times, titled The Dying Art of Disagreement.

This Week’s Question

While you were busy cocktailing over the fact that Trump apparently doctored a National Hurricane Center forecast chart with a Sharpie to include the state of Alabama, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador delivered his state of the union address.

Did you know about AMLO’s state of the union address? Do you know what his major takeaways were? Do they matter to you?

Also this week, Jalisco’s Cultural Secretariat hit Puerto Vallarta’s cultural scene hard by closing down the local operation—and locally produced cultural radio broadcasts—on 91.9 FM, opting to featured programming produced in our state capital, 24/7. In doing so, not only did they leave a half dozen amazing local cultural promoters without a job, Cultura Jalisco closed the door on one of the few cultural outlets available to Puerto Vallarta local artists, performers, musicians and such. (This would be the nationwide equivalent of NPR sending a memo, indicating that all their radio broadcast will originate in DC, and states would cease to produce their own individual programming.)

Did you know this happened? Does it matter to you?

There are no right or wrong answers here. The poll is confidential But since you live in Puerto Vallarta and I write with you (local anglophone) in mind, it occurs to me that you may be more interested in local news, politics and policies than we know, or perhaps less. Some of them can affect you, too. Learning where you stand on local, state and national issues gives me clarity on how much of them I should feature here, as compared to other topics.

Please let me know where you stand by answering the following poll, and always feel free to agree AND disagree with me, or bring up specific topics that interest you, in the comments, below!


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