Seriously, How Safe is Puerto Vallarta?

How safe is Puerto Vallarta? Well, it depends on who you ask. But according to the latest survey published August 1, 2019 by CEO World Magazine, a good answer might be the popular Spanish phrase, ni muy muy, ni tan tan, which means, ‘not so much, not so little.’

More specifically, the UK-based publication published a list of 334 cities around the world ranking them by safety. In a nutshell, Abu Dhabi ranked as the safest city in the world, while the last five spots were occupied by Caracas, the Venezuelan capital (334th); Pietermaritzburg in South Africa; Papua New Guinea capital Port Moresby; South Africa’s capital Pretoria; Honduran city of San Pedro Sula.

How did Mexico fare? Well, here are the Mexican cities featured in the survey, along with the ranking they received:

83Puerto Vallarta
309Mexico City

These surveys always make for interesting conversation. And while I’m not one to question the publication’s credibility, I did go looking for background information on their website related to how they went about collecting the associated data to draw their conclusions and couldn’t find it. I’ve always respected publications such as Travel+Leisure when they rank destinations, hotels and such, because they take the time to include (usually in their introductions) the methodology used to produce their rankings on each article, whenever they publish such type of content.

If you’d like to read the original CEO World Magazine feature, please click here.

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