Coffee & Headlines • February 24, 2022

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Today is Mexican Flag Day

It was February 24, 1821, that all the factions fighting in the War of Independence from Spain joined to form a single army, known as the Army of the Three Guarantees (meant to defend religion, independence and unity) in response to the Plan de Iguala which was a revolutionary proclamation that in effect declared Mexico officially as an independent country. The plan was signed by Vicente Guerrero, one of the leading revolutionary generals, and by Agustín de Iturbide, a Mexican army general and politician. General Vicente Guerrero was the first military official who swore allegiance to the national flag, and since that historic day, we celebrate National Flag Day. 

Our flag as you know, features three colors, green, white and red in three vertical panes with a 4:7 proportion, as opposed to the Italian flag, which uses other shades of red and green and uses a 2:3 proportion, more squarish in shape. Our flag also features the National Coat of Arms in the center stripe, which pays tribute to the Mexica and their quest for a place to settle that led them to Tenochtitlán, now Mexico City.

The Emiliano Zapata Neighborhood Association opposes the Zumba classes that take place at Plaza Lázaro Cárdenas.


A Perfect Day in Boca de Tomates

Discover this rustic oceanfront destination within easy reach of Puerto Vallarta! For those who asked for the route to get there, here is the map:


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