Coffee & Headlines • February 19, 2022

I’ll return when I come back.

From today’s broadcast:


Jalisco goes back from ‘orange’ to ‘yellow’ in the national Covid-19 stoplight indicator.–20220218-0121.html

Here is the updated map.

Vaccine preregistrations have increased by 150 percent in Jalisco.

Apparently, the people that raised young Salvador, are missing in action and they left their dogs behind.

Cuale Market vendors complain about so-called ‘indigenous expos.’

Reglamentos is reviewing no-parking permits throughout the city.

Vidanta’s Daniel Chávez releases a statement regarding recent accusations by the press.


When will the Insurgentes Bridge be ready?

Nuevo Vallarta is shedding its old name, apparently.

IMPORTANT: We’ve updated our Coffee & Headlines general reference map with the location of DIF’s Casa de Día, where you can obtain your senior citizen discount card and request updates and corrections on your vaccination certificate. Check it out here.

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