Coffee & Headlines • November 30, 2021

From today’s broadcast:


The lights at Los Muertos Pier are back on, apparently.

Jalisco Health Secretary talks about omicron on the state’s Facebook page.

The irregular construction permits authorized by the past administration make national TV news.

There will be no increases in local city bus fares in 2022, or so they say.

Reglamentos goes after restaurants in Versalles and other colonias that lack permit to use their sidewalks.

Las Gaviotas residents complain about the lack of traffic signals along Paseo del Marlin.

No, don’t consider changing Mexico’s flag to match your last name like the governor of Guerrero did—it’s illegal. 


TACO TUESDAY: Los Patrones

What a wonderful restaurant in Pitillal! Not only do they have an awesome selection of tacos, but they also have just about every traditional Mexican dish you’d like to try!

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2 thoughts on “Coffee & Headlines • November 30, 2021

  1. Please contact me about illegal activities at Daqury Dicks, some good stuff here. I don’t use Facebook but am a paid member for over a year. I have no idea how to email you. My email is You have a great show but if I cannot contact you I wonder why I should buy you coffee every month???? Please send me an email response. I live above Daquire Dicks at Plaza Dorada. If this response is public, anyone interested, please email me about how they have cut trees and destroyed property, all illegal.


    1. Hola Tom. Good news, you have just emailed me. As a reminder, people support the project because they think it provides a service to them and/or the community. If you are not a Facebook user, I hope you are watching on YouTube instead. What we can do about a situation like yours is very little, personally. I truly hope you have reached out to the authorities.


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