Coffee & Headlines • July 13, 2021

From today’s broadcast:


1,100 Covid-19 vaccines for tourism workers and folks in their 30s were applied yesterday.

Puerto Vallarta reported 315 new Covid-19 cases this past weekend.

Governor Alfaro’s wife tests positive for Covid-19—he’s fine.

Alfaro denies hospital saturation due to increasing Covid-19 cases.

Cases among young people double in the state of Jalisco.

AMLO addresses the young population.

Vehicle inspection is coming to Jalisco in August.

Explore Jalisco’s new vehicle verification website.


Espresso Martinis: What to know about Summer’s big drink trend (IN ENGLISH)

Marigalante and other tourism vessels are back.

Discover and follow the 18th Chopin Competition!

Follow the 18th Chopin Competition through their YouTube channel.

Help Community Member Julie Bunker Find a Home for her Foster Cats!

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2 thoughts on “Coffee & Headlines • July 13, 2021

  1. I attended the vaccination clinic at La Lija yesterday after your broadcast announcement…thank you (new viewer, btw)….BUT, the information reported today about the event was inaccurate. They ran out of vaccines after a couple hundred were administered, so myself along with many others who had filled out our paper work, made copies of identification and recieved a number, were asked to return a week from Monday and that hopefully they would have enough at that time. Many complained they couldn’t get more time off of work to attend the mid-day session. I will return with my paperwork this upcoming Monday. Hopefully they will have enough vaccines this time around. Crossing my fingers!!!


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