Coffee & Headlines • February 7, 2021

From today’s broadcast:

WATCH: ‘Icons on Ispiration,’ a special concert by the LA Philharmonic, conducted by Gustavo Dudamel at the Hollywood Bowl.

WATCH: Top 10 cringiest Super Bowl halftime show moments.

WATCH: Chris Jones’ penis comes out during the NFL 40-yard dash.

WATCH: Do not say ‘you’re welcome’! Respond to ‘thank you’ properly, according to English with Lucy.

How do you answer when somebody says ‘gracias’?

Here are some options:

De nada = you’re welcome

No hay de que = nothing to thank me for

Igualmente = thanks to you, too!

¡Las que haces! = The silly things you say/do! (In Spanish, the word ‘gracias’ can also mean ‘silly talents or skills.’)

¡Las que te adornan! = The graciousness about you! (This is a very formal and poetic way to flirt with someone, or truly impress someone.)

¡De nalgas! = Somebody is bending over… (This is a wordplay between ‘nada,’ which means ‘nothing,’ and ‘nalgas,’ which means ‘buttocks,’ and it’s a way to be either silly or to convey that you mean horizontal business!)

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