Coffee & Headlines • February 2, 2021

From today’s broadcast:


What do we know about the new Covid-19 variant that could have originated here? (El Universal)

Mexico President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is recovering, expected to return to public duty on Monday: (Informador)

Public parks and gyms reopen in Jalisco during current restriction period: (Informador)

City Hall to provide training for traffic enforcement personnel when it comes to dealing with accidents where bicycles are involved: (NoticiasPV)

Good news for folks living in Aramara, streets are being repaved, finally! (NoticiasPV)


Where does Día de la Candelaria come from? (Excelsior)

Four tamales from Jalisco you should try: (El Universal)

Man eats world’s hottest chili peppers in record time, suffers greatly (IN ENGLISH): (Huffington Post)

Music helping Tony Bennett battle Alzheimer’s disease (IN ENGLISH): (PBS)

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