Coffee & Headlines • October 29, 2020

From today’s broadcast:


Confused about conflicting reports about what is allowed and what not during the next 14 days? Choose to follow and trust the source: (Jalisco)

While Jalisco goes into ‘Emergency Button’ mode, Riviera Nayarit remains open: (Vallarta Opina)

Emergency Button: Things could be a lot worse when you consider what other cities/countries in the world are forced to do these days: (Informador)

Double murder outside Paco’s Ranch makes international headlines (IN ENGLISH): (Towleroad)

What we know about the differences between Mexico President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and the governor Federalist Alliance: (El Universal)

Airplane Covid-19 risk ‘very low’ with masks, says report (IN ENGLISH): (Yahoo)


Farmer’s markets return to Nuevo Vallarta: (Riviera Nayarit)

Day of the Dead ‘skeleton’ Barbie splits opinion in Mexico (IN ENGLISH): (Yahoo)

Facebook celebrates Day of the Dead with avatars and profile frames: (El Universal)

WATCH: Zoe Lewis & the Social Distancers’ ‘Halloween in Helltown!’ live on Facebook today: (Facebook)

Surprise! Coming This Monday!

We are thrilled with the response we’ve had from our contributing members! We will share our new project, Versalles for Foodies, with our contributing members this coming Monday, as a way to say ‘thank you’ for your support!

Versalles For Foodies is an interactive map with 20+ awesome restaurants, eateries and food-related shops in Versalles and surrounding neighborhoods. Each listing features a brief description of the venue, its location on the map, and a link to its Facebook Page. We’ve featured only businesses that we love and trust, and the list will continue growing, as we have the opportunity to explore other venues.

If you’d like to receive access to this interactive map, please click on the ‘Buy me a coffee’ button below to learn how you can become a contributing member. The link to Versalles for Foodies will be sent via email on Monday, November 2, in the afternoon.

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