Coffee & Headlines • September 11, 2020


Puerto Vallarta Mayor Arturo Dávalos announces over 130 pre-approved projects in his 5th annual address: (Contralinea)

Gondola project from Hotel Rosita to the La Cruz monument announced: (Vallarta Opina)

Vidanta to partner with Puerto Vallarta government and Guadalajara University to build crocodile farm: (Vallarta Opina)

Malecón to be extended to the Sheraton Hotel, plus two additional boardwalks to be built elsewhere: (Vallarta Opina)

Dávalos announces corruption in Seapal water works for 2,199 million MNX: (NoticiasPV)

Local journalist reported missing: (Contralinea)

Local journalist reappears after ‘a moment of personal introspection’ (El Universal)

Nayarit business community argues that the governor’s ‘dry law’ for September 13-17 is useless: (Vallarta Opina)

Using physical force to discipline your child is about to become a crime punishable by law in Jalisco: (Vallarta Independiente)

Puerto Vallarta reached 33.9 percent occupation last month, continues to increase: (Contralinea)


Behold #LadyArgentina, who insulted a Mexican woman by calling her ‘a horrible Indian’

  • She and her partner were identified by name: (Excelsior)
  • The Argentinean embassy added their two cents: (El Universal)
  • Mexico’s National Immigration Institute is looking to verify their legal status: (El Universal)
  • Mexico’s Federal Prosecutor’s Office is also getting involved: (Excelsior)
  • Former Mexico President Felipe Calderón added his two cents: (Heraldo de México)
  • #LadyArgentina attempts to apologize: (Excelsior)

Cannabis for medical use law, supposed to be emitted yesterday by Congress, is not (at least, not yet): (Excelsior)

Former Mexico President Vicente Fox invests in Monterrey-based cannabis store chain: (Informador)

“Take a short trip” campaign to promote tourism between six states (including Jalisco) is announced: (Contralinea)

Mexican airport site emerges as major graveyard of Ice Age mammoths: (Yahoo)

Seven things to do this weekend by The New York Times: (NY Times)

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