Coffee & Headlines • August 30, 2020

From Today’s broadcast:

The Berlin Philharmonic plays a prank joke on their soloist during a rehearsal (ClassicFM)

Melania Trump’s dress, reinvented (The Wrap)


Please remember that the following expressions are not—shall we say—the most elegant expressions in the Spanish language. Your very uptight Spanish teacher might have a hissy fit if you use them in class, or at your Mexican friend’s dinner table! (Either that or you will impress the shit out of them with your insightful Spanish knowledge!)


To express what’s going on:

  • Use ‘chinga y jode’ when it’s non-stop. Could be a friend, a mosquito, a bank calling for your credit card payment, etc.
  • Use ‘chingaquedito’ when it’s someone being passive aggressive.

How do you feel?

  • Use ‘hasta la madre,’ which literally means ‘until the mother.’


God bless our Mexican mothers. They are the most venerable cultural and social icon we have. That said, why do we get our mothers mixed up in so many vulgar expressions?

  • When something is tiny: es una madrecita (it’s a little mother)
  • When someone is awesome: es a toda madre (he/she is to all mother)
  • When someone cuts the cheese and it stinks: huele a madres (smells like mothers)
  • When something is a mess: qué desmadre (what an un-mother)
  • When you hear bad news: en la madre (in the mother)
  • When someone has an accident: se dio en la madre (he gave himself in the mother)
  • When you don’t know how to use something: ¿Cómo funciona esa madre? (How does that mother work?)
  • When you beat the shit out of someone: ¡Le rompiste toda su madre! (You broke his/her entire mother!)

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