Coffee & Headlines • July 13, 2020


Jalisco Governor Enrique Alfaro announced the Covid-19 indicators for the week as they relate to the possible 14-day shutdown of the state. In short: it’s not happening yet, if at all (Heraldo de México)

A quick comparison of the new parameters as presented this past Wednesday (left), and yesterday (right).

Hugo López-Gatell gets flack from some states for not announcing the national numbers two days ago, states that ‘nobody is guilty for the pandemic’ and  that ‘it takes more than just government actions and guidelines for this to end.’ (Proceso)

Fifteen states in the red this week.

Mexico now the fourth country in the world with Covid-19 related deaths (although this does not seem to consider per capita) (Excelsior)

In Guadalajara, buses are suspended due to drivers refusing to wear face masks (NoticiasPV)

In Puerto Vallarta, access to beaches and Malecón are limited (Vallarta Opina)

In Baja California, beaches are closed again due to rise in number of cases and tourism saturation (Vallarta Opina)

City Hall continues to offer services, but with limited capacity in the main offices (Contralinea)

Bahia de Banderas Mayor Jaime Cuevas exhorts the business community to act responsibly to prevent an increase in Covid-19 cases (NoticiasPV)

My patient caught Covid-19 twice. So long to herd immunity hopes. (Vox)

Have you wondered about all the car honking? It’s a questionably successful political manifestation against Mexico President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (Contralinea)


50 km/hr winds caused damages in the bay this past early Sunday morning (Contralinea)

‘Canícula,’ or ‘dog days of summer’ began this past Sunday and will continue until August 20 (Vallarta Independiente)

Two crocodiles captured, one in a car dealer and one in a private home in Colonia Loma Bonita (Las Juntas) (NoticiasPV)

Live theater in Mexico in free fall (Proceso)

WATCH: Star Trek: Lower Decks trailer takes you to the ‘funnest frontier’ (CNET)

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