Coffee & Headlines • May 2, 2020


Researchers highlight the possible date in which the Covid-19 pandemic might end in Mexico (Grupo Fórmula)

Meanwhile, other researchers indicate that it will take two years, worldwide… (Bloomberg)

World Health Organizations says Coronavirus could not have been created in a lab (Informador)

Not all Mexican ‘lords’ and ‘ladies’ are bad. Meet LadyCartas, or Lady Letters, a nurse that exchanges messages between patients and their relatives (Heraldo de México)

Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador on the federal agreement between the government and private hospitals (Vallarta Independiente)


Apple knows your iPhone doesn’t recognize you with a mask on, and is addressing that (ArsTechnica)

What are you wearing while you work from home? The survey results are out (CNET)

Amazon Prime announces ‘Upload’ a new series about the after-life (Engadget)

‘Modern Family’ is back on Mexican Netflix. Yay! (Heraldo de México)

Ryan Murphy’s ‘Hollywood’ is available now on Netflix. Are you hooked yet? (Refinery29)

The Berlin Philharmonic explores live performances for the first time since the pandemic began:

Why Broadway may have an advantage before it opens back up (The Producer’s Perspective)

Shameless Plug: Casa Karma’s Kitchy Kitchen Capers (Facebook)

Candace Shaw recommends Tamale Gourmet Wrap, but their Facebook page uses stock images. Seriously? I can help with that! (Facebook)

SPECIAL FEATURE: Happy Birthday, Lesley Gore

Find, discover, watch and love Allison Anders’ 1996 film Grace of My Heart as much as I do! (Wikipedia)

Coffee and Headlines viewer Rita Myers recommends this podcast about New York’s Brill Building —Thank you, Rita!

Coffee and Headlines viewer Darlene Amiel confirms there is a Lesley Gore biography available on Amazon —Thank you, Darlene!

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