Here’s a Free and Easy Tip for Local Restaurants Offering Takeout or Home Delivery

Many local restaurants have shifted gears to keep their business going by offering take-out or home delivery to their clients. This has been clearly evidenced on Facebook, where if you’re following any local restaurants, you are bound to see their notices on your wall as you peruse it.

In my experience, the vast majority of the restaurant notices I’ve seen have been along the lines of “we have takeout,” which helps a lot if you are familiar with that particular restaurant’s menu. But what if you are not? Restaurants are missing the opportunity to entice folks that are not familiar with their menus, or their prices.

Think about it, when was the last time you called a restaurant expecting them to read you the menu during the telephone call? The good news is, there is a free Facebook tool you can put to use on your business page (and your personal one, for that matter) to better present your menu items, or if you are not a restaurant, your products or services.

Presenting Facebook Notes

Facebook notes is an often neglected feature that allows you to post longer articles with options to format your text with headlines and such, and include photographs. Facebook notes are available both on your personal page as well as your business page, making them ideal to showcase restaurant menus!

Case Study: Hotel Mercurio

One of my clients, Hotel Mercurio, is well known for their friendly hospitality to the LGBT community, but also for their restaurant menu, which is affordable and quite tasty! These days, there is no activity in the hotel as far as guests are concerned, but their kitchen remains open for take-out and home delivery. (Folks can also enjoy a meal at the pool area, as Mercurio is following tight safe distance guidelines.)

To better showcase their offerings, we created Facebook notes for their menu in English and in Spanish. To do so, we relied on elements that were already available, such as the menu text and a few institutional images.

Click here to see Hotel Mercurio’s restaurant menu in English.

If you are a restaurant and Facebook notes are new to you, Facebook has a helpful article on tips for using notes. If you are a foodie like myself and would like to do your share to help support the local economy, I’m sure you’ll appreciate having online access to take-out menus as well!

Lastly, if you have any restaurant friends that could benefit from this knowledge, please feel free to share this article with them! I am available to provide consultation for those restaurants looking to improve their branding online.

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