Get Bodypainted!

Spend enough time around performance artists and dancers and you are bound to cross paths with a bodypaint artist. For the rest of us, it’s nice to know that 30-year-old Adrian Castro Gómez is in town and available for any instance in which you may want to truly make a statement with your body! I recently came across Adrian while photographing an event for one of my clients and was fascinating by watching him work up close.

A visual artist from Mexico City, Adrian discovered bodypainting back in March, 2014. He was drawn to it from the getgo and has never stopped transforming bodies with his paintbrush. Some three years ago, he was invited by circus artist friends to move to Puerto Vallarta, where he started working at a Punta Mita hotel painting and decorating sets for performances.

Adrián works on local dancer Sebastián Coronel prior to a performance at Hotel Mercurio.

Little by little the word began spreading about his unique talent until there was enough work coming his way that he became a full-time bodypaint artist. “Bodypainting has changed my life,” he comments. “I’ve had the opportunity to travel through Mexico and abroad, meeting countless photographers, artists and models.”

While he primarily creates on performance artists, he is quite eager to bodypaint anyone and is particularly sought after by pregnant women looking to create a special image for themselves. And while facepainting is considered a related but separate form of body art, he is quite eager to transform only faces. Each painting is different and is priced according to the approximate time it will take to complete it. That said, Adrian comments that most basic bodypaint jobs start between $1,500 and $2,000 pesos.

When asked about his colleagues, he comments that there is a tightly knit community of bodypainters throughout Mexico, traveling on a regular basis to competitions throughout the country, most recently in Mazatlán and Guadalajara. Presently he is gearing to represent Mexico in the upcoming World Bodypainting Festival, to take place in Klagenfurt, Austria, during the month of July.

The artist and his creation…

Learn more about Adrián and his work by visiting his Instagram page. You can also follow him on Facebook.

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