Ninth Annual Riverfest Music Festival Announced

With an impressive array of musical bands, the Ninth Annual Riverfest Music Festival is around the corner. This is a two-day fundraising event that takes place at El Rio BBQ Bar with all proceeds going to Pasitos de Luz, a non-profit charity that provides care for children with disabilities from low-income families.

If you’ve never explored the road that follows the Rio Cuale towards the mountains, this event provides an excellent opportunity to head in that direction. El Rio BBQ Bar is located right next to the river in a setting that provides an excellent backdrop to enjoy a day of relaxed dining with live music, the option for a refreshing swim in the river, and the opportunity to help a good cause. Last year’s event successfully raised $522,532.00 MXN for the organization.

A good time, with great music, and for a good cause!

Riverfest will take place on Saturday, February 29 and Sunday, March 1, 12 – 7 pm. El Rio BBQ  Bar is located at Felipe Ángeles 245, in Paso Ancho. For more details and complete performance schedule, click here or visit the event on Facebook.

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