The Boy Band Project is in Town!

Having been born and raised in Mexico, a country with minimal choral tradition but having been musically trained in one that does support and promote choral singing—where I was a choral conductor, for that matter—I must confess I have a soft spot for vocal/choral groups and attend such performances whenever possible. I was thrilled to discover that my triple-threat friend Daniel LeClaire, whom I met a few years ago while he was performing at Incanto, was invited to return, this time at Act II Entertainment.

He is in town performing his own one-man show, titled “Hello! My Name is Elder Smith—Songs and Stories from a Broadway Star,” a reference to his run as part of the cast of The Book of Mormon, but also as part of The Boy Band Project, a performance featuring, tight harmonies, tight choreography, tight pants and the members are not at all shabby looking, not to mention that they all have impressive credentials performing both on Broadway and on touring companies of some of the latest musicals.

What a pleasure to enjoy 90 minutes with performers who clearly understand the meaning of the phrase ‘practice makes perfect’! The show featured a variety of songs and a couple of originals that showcased both their ensemble work, but also allowing each one of the members to shine through carefully placed numbers. In addition, the clever use of video footage interspersed between songs made for a tightly paced performance. I’m not crazy about shows where pre-recorded music is used instead of live performers, but their performing abilities more than made up for that fact. Since they wore individual headset mics, the sound engineer should also be praised for his ability to keep the show sounding well balanced.

I snuck into the dressing room during intermission to congratulate Daniel and meet his pals. I was curious to learn what kept each of the performers busy while they are not Boy Band-ing. These were their answers:

I was also thrilled to learn that Boy Band Project manager Travis Nesbitt attended Boston Conservatory, two blocks away from Berklee College of Music, my alma mater!

The Boy Band Project performs at Act II Entertainment through the month of February. For more information, click here.

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