Artisan Beer Festival Returns to Puerto Vallarta

Local beer aficionados will rejoice in the return of the Third Brewmasters Beer Festival to take place November 16-17 at the Isla Río Cuale by the Cultural Center. As reported by JPS Medios, the goal of this event is to support and promote local and regional artisan beers makers. In addition, in this third festival, organizers have vowed to utilize no plastic containers during the event.

In a press conference, organizers revealed that they have confirmed the participation of 15 artisan beer makers, each with their own stand. 12 additional stands will be hosted by local bars offering their own mixology creations. In addition, nine local restaurants will be present to offer a taste of their cuisines. To keep things lively, there will be contests, games and activities for the entire family, along with live music.

Access to the Third Brewmasters Beer Festival is free for all. That said, and in order for guests to join in the event’s plastic-free commitment, commemorative glasses will be available for $50 pesos each. For more information, check out Brewmasters’ Facebook page or the event page, both in Spanish.

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2 thoughts on “Artisan Beer Festival Returns to Puerto Vallarta

  1. I’m so pleased to be receiving your newsletters, Paco. Informative and fun, you cover many topics of interest.
    Please keep it up!


    1. Thank you so much for your words, Kelly! Presently, this is a labor of love more than anything else, so every remark like yours makes a huge difference! Very much appreciated. 🙂


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