Cinépolis + San Francisco Symphony + Metallica

For years I’ve frowned over the fact that, when it comes to special programming, Cinépolis has pretty much only graced us with football and soccer matches, while other larger cities through Mexico have enjoyed all sorts of alternative/cultural offerings. Could this trend be shifting?

A couple days ago, I was looking for information on the ongoing French Film Festival announced by Cinépolis and found that it is only being screened at the “Soriana” theaters on Francisco Villa Ave., it was then that I came across the announcement of a one-time screening of a concert performed by the American heavy metal Metallica, along with the San Francisco Symphony, conducted by none other than Michael Tilson Thomas!

For starters, I don’t listen to much heavy metal and would probably not even recognize a song by the band if I heard it on the radio. But the combination intrigues me, and the act of attending represents a way of letting Cinépolis know that we want more of these alternative screenings taking place in town.

The Scoop

The concert is called S&M2 in reference to S&M (Symphony & Metallica) the original collaboration between the band and the SF Symphony back in 1999. At the time, the orchestra was conducted by the late American composer, orchestral arranger, orchestral conductor, songwriter, and session musician Michael Kamen, who also did all the arrangements for the original performance. 20 years later, the original arrangements created by Kamen will be performed again, this time with conductor Edwin Outwater (Artistic Director of the Eastern Sierra Symphony in Mammoth Lakes) and special guest conductor Michael Tilson Thomas, currently music director of the San Francisco Symphony.

The concert, which took place less than a month ago (September 6) served as the inaugural act of the Chase Center, a new 18,064-seat sports and entertainment arena in San Francisco’s Mission Bay neighborhood and home of the NBA Champion Golden State Warriors. You can read a review of the concert by Rolling Stone by clicking here.

Cinépolis will only screen the performance one time, on Wednesday, 8 pm. For more information, visit Cinépolis by clicking here.

Mini Music Appreciation Lecture?

I’ll be the first to admit to not being well versed in Metallica’s music, so I’ll be doing some research for my own benefit, and will arrive at the theater 90 minutes prior to the screening (6:30 pm) to volunteer a mini music appreciation lecture for any takers that want to enjoy it.

If you are interested in this and are planning on attending, would you kindly leave a comment below so that I know to expect you? If so, just get your tickets on your own and meet me at the Cinépolis lobby!

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