Piñata PV Gay Hotel

Traditional Mexican Meets Modern Style Loft Lodging

(This article was commissioned by Gay Entertainment Directory, and it first appeared in their April 2019 edition.)

Puerto Vallarta now features an amazing number of lodging options for the gay visitor, starting with a few flagship gay-owned and operated hotels, but also a number of condos available for short-term rental. All of them feature amenities and add-ons that will enhance the quality of your stay, but not all manage to combine the advantage of a convenient location, friendly atmosphere, and traditional, yet hip Mexican vibe. If you are looking to spend your next Puerto Vallarta stay at a place that scores high on all of the above, please read on to discover Piñata PV Gay Hotel.

Piñata is the brainchild of Ronnie Lee and David Tovar, a couple that left Los Angeles a few years ago, in search of a place to start their own business from scratch. Initially, they searched within the United States for a destination suitable for a year-around successful business. Unable to pinpoint such a location stateside, they chose Puerto Vallarta, a destination that Ronnie had been visiting for decades, and one that his husband, David, fell in love with on the spot. Construction began six years ago following David’s design, and the men-only hotel became operational in 2014.

For its location, the owners settled for Venustiano Carranza., a relatively quiet street the heart of Colonia Emiliano Zapata, Puerto Vallarta’s gayborhood. The location couldn’t be better, however, as the street is flanked by two of the most popular streets in the hood: Basilio Badillo, lined with restaurants and art galleries; and Lazaro Cardenas, with well over half a dozen gay bars, swimwear stores and other gay-friendly businesses.

Piñata features eight air-conditioned guest rooms for two guests each, all of which are unique in size and configuration—with queen- or king-size beds—and a king loft room with an extra fold-out couch for a third person, perfect for a friend or throuples. All rooms are comfortably appointed with all the amenities you’ll need, including a safe, minibar, TV, Wi-Fi and soaps by Dr. Bronner’s, a family-owned, socially and environmentally responsible company. A spacious living room area on the main level encourages engagement and community among guests and their friends. A smaller loft sitting area is perfect for quiet conversation.

Next to the living room area, a swimming pool helps keep things cool. And when it’s time to turn the heat up, there is a Jacuzzi next to the pool, and a nearby steam room for, well… steaming! On the second level, you will find a few rooms, along with a private sunbathing deck that connects with an open workout space for guests to burn stay healthy while they enjoy an amazing view of the surrounding hills. All common areas are clothing-optional.

To keep things sexy, Piñata organizes male for male social evening parties every Saturday, from 8 to 11 pm, for guests and the local gay community. All are encouraged to use the facilities (pool, spa, steam room), while the only requirement is for all attendees to be shirtless—how could you say no?

A place like Piñata can pack so much charm and allure in such a small footprint, thanks to the amazing architectural and interior designed provided by David, that can be easily summarized to traditional Mexican meets modern style loft lodging. Exposed brick and concrete provide the basic color palette, with every wall featuring carefully selected art that reflects the Mexican playful spirit of the hotel and its surroundings. Additional works of art can be found at Carranza Art Gallery, an adjacent space the owners have just acquired and opened, where you will also find an extensive collection of homoerotic art.

Speaking of surroundings, Ronnie and David have taken deliberate steps to ensure that you enjoy all things wonderful Puerto Vallarta has to offer. They, along with their all-male staff can easily recommend activities, restaurants and other things to do in Piñata’s bustling surroundings or elsewhere in Puerto Vallarta. The owners have proudly invested in enhancing the quality of life for their employees by providing schooling and other forms of on-the-job training.

Whether you are looking for indoor design inspiration, a unique place to stay during your next Puerto Vallarta vacation, or a great party to make new friends, keep Piñata PV Gay Hotel in your radar by visiting their Facebook page (facebook.com/PinataPVHotel) or website (pinatapv.com), where you will also find privately-organized tours offered.

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