Three Things I’d Buy at Angel’s Store

I was walking around my neighborhood today when I heard my name called from across the street. Much to my surprise, it was Angel Torres, an amazing hair and fashion stylist who has collaborated with me in a couple of photo shoots, including a Vallarta Lifestyles cover featuring top local restaurateurs. It's been a while … Continue reading Three Things I’d Buy at Angel’s Store

Make Inexpensive Refrigerator Magnets From Mexican Tiles

Here is an easy, inexpensive way to turn Mexican tiles into fun refrigerator magnets! Decorative Mexican tiles can be found in just about any traditional Mexican home. They are manufactured in several sizes and shapes. And for those of us in Puerto Vallarta, we are fortunate to have a tile factory right in the heart … Continue reading Make Inexpensive Refrigerator Magnets From Mexican Tiles

Don Luis Solorio, Master Clay Artist

Shopping around Puerto Vallarta you can come across a broad variety of reproductions of pre-Columbian ceramic reproductions from all over Mexico and Central America. The last thing I anticipated is that I would get a chance to meet one of the few master clay artists creating these pieces during my recent stay at Hotelito Jardin … Continue reading Don Luis Solorio, Master Clay Artist

Jorge's Gordas and Leather Daddies

Finding out my friends' hidden interests and talents is something I truly enjoy. Not too long ago, I decided to pack my paper crafting supplies and headed south to the Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens, looking for a peaceful afternoon to work on my paper mache refrigerator magnets (more on that, soon!). I ran across my … Continue reading Jorge's Gordas and Leather Daddies

Print Your Own Photo Book

Designing and printing your own photo books has been possible in the US and Canada for quite some time. Most of the photo book printing companies that offer this service rely on straight-forward PC and Mac-compatible design and layout applications that can be downloaded to your computer. Once you assemble the pages using your own … Continue reading Print Your Own Photo Book

Elevate Your Butt to Soaring Heights!

For over four years now, I've had the pleasure of collaborating with Alphonse Deserville photographing his spectacular custom-made bathing suits for his online catalog. I so much admire Alphonse, I've featured him before in this blog. Throughout the many shared photo sessions, I've often chuckled about what I affectionately call The Alphonse Maneuver, a subtle … Continue reading Elevate Your Butt to Soaring Heights!

Visiting Galleria Dante

If a Puerto Vallarta newcomer on a tight schedule were to ask me "I only have time to explore one art gallery while in town. Which one would you recommend?" I would not hesitate to suggest Galleria Dante. Mind you, this doesn't mean that Dante is special or better than any of the other unique … Continue reading Visiting Galleria Dante

At Home With Alphonse Deserville

Meet the man who didn’t find a perfect bathing suit for himself until he actually made one from scratch. And then he made one for his partner. And for his friends. And a decade and thousands of bathing suits later, Alphonse Deserville’s distinctive bathing suit designs are a sought-after commodity for any men looking to … Continue reading At Home With Alphonse Deserville

San Pancho Recycles, and Much More

What may seem like the aftermath of a truly wild party is actually not. Truly committed not only to the environment, but also to empowering locals into creating a cottage industry of their own, the town of San Pancho has taken recycling to the next level by repurposing empty glass bottles into useful household items. … Continue reading San Pancho Recycles, and Much More