Puerto Vallarta's Two Dicks

Puerto Vallarta has—well, had—two Dicks. Dick #1 came here to star in a movie but, that was 50 years ago. Dick #2 came here to meet with the president of our country, but that was 39 years ago. Can you guess who they are? And if you can, would you actually book a Puerto Vallarta … Continue reading Puerto Vallarta's Two Dicks

Don Luis Solorio, Master Clay Artist

Shopping around Puerto Vallarta you can come across a broad variety of reproductions of pre-Columbian ceramic reproductions from all over Mexico and Central America. The last thing I anticipated is that I would get a chance to meet one of the few master clay artists creating these pieces during my recent stay at Hotelito Jardin … Continue reading Don Luis Solorio, Master Clay Artist

Jorge's Gordas and Leather Daddies

Finding out my friends' hidden interests and talents is something I truly enjoy. Not too long ago, I decided to pack my paper crafting supplies and headed south to the Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens, looking for a peaceful afternoon to work on my paper mache refrigerator magnets (more on that, soon!). I ran across my … Continue reading Jorge's Gordas and Leather Daddies

Broadway Nights—A Review

It is fairly well known that most all-inclusive hotels in Puerto Vallarta offer a variety of in-house entertainment options, many of which include song and dance performances offered exclusively for their guests. For the rest of us, however, the opportunities to enjoy the treat of live, professional dance troupes in town, are few and far … Continue reading Broadway Nights—A Review

Is Allyna Vineberg a Thief?

[UPDATED December 30, 2009] Allyna and I have talked about this and had a few laughs. First and foremost, Allyna and I are friends and love each other. We have mutually agreed to leave this post online and intact for a couple of reasons. First of all, we agree that friends and colleagues should allow … Continue reading Is Allyna Vineberg a Thief?

Seven Life Lessons from Roberto Bermejo

You may be asking yourself, "who is Roberto Bermejo?" I asked myself the exact same question earlier this week, when I received an email message from him asking me to write about him in this blog. Did I meet him at some party? At the office, perhaps? My first reaction was to dismiss the request. … Continue reading Seven Life Lessons from Roberto Bermejo

Mikki Prost Works Hard For Her Money

I'll be the first person to admit that, when it comes to musical stage performances, I am a shameless snob. I can't help it! For better or worse, having spent two decades living in northeastern United States, attended music school, and being partnered for nearly one of those decades to an extremely talented musical composer, … Continue reading Mikki Prost Works Hard For Her Money

Watch a Video and Discover San Pancho!

The latest edition of Vallarta Lifestyles magazine features a getaway article about this peaceful town, only less than an hour north of Puerto Vallarta. As usual, I've assembled photographes taken by myself along with other photographers, and produced a short video to complement the article. Taking advantage of the fact that the town is so … Continue reading Watch a Video and Discover San Pancho!

Los Nuevos Chicos de Antropology

José González, proud owner of Antropology, invited me to offer my photographic welcome to his latest dancer/hosts. Despite the fact that there are other venues in Puerto Vallarta that feature male strippers, there isn't a single ones that delivers with such panache as Antropology does. José always has over a dozen guys at his disposal, … Continue reading Los Nuevos Chicos de Antropology

ChocoBanana Gets a Makeover

While it is commonly known that the Olas Altas neighborhood is a great area to make friends and people watch, this corner gets particularly high scores. Owner and friend Debbi Egan recently remodeled, replacing larger, tables for these cozy ones. And the good thing about ChocoBanana is that it is open from early morning to … Continue reading ChocoBanana Gets a Makeover

Discover Mascota

I had the opportunity of spending a couple of weekends in Mascota during the past few months, as part of an article we put together for Vallarta Lifestyles Magazine. Along with this article, I put together this short video that showcases a few of the highlights of the trip, along with a few places you … Continue reading Discover Mascota