Three Things I’d Buy at Angel’s Store

I was walking around my neighborhood today when I heard my name called from across the street. Much to my surprise, it was Angel Torres, an amazing hair and fashion stylist who has collaborated with me in a couple of photo shoots, including a Vallarta Lifestyles cover featuring top local restaurateurs. It's been a while … Continue reading Three Things I’d Buy at Angel’s Store

Make Inexpensive Refrigerator Magnets From Mexican Tiles

Here is an easy, inexpensive way to turn Mexican tiles into fun refrigerator magnets! Decorative Mexican tiles can be found in just about any traditional Mexican home. They are manufactured in several sizes and shapes. And for those of us in Puerto Vallarta, we are fortunate to have a tile factory right in the heart … Continue reading Make Inexpensive Refrigerator Magnets From Mexican Tiles

Puerto Vallarta Sundown Time Lapse Video

I did this quick and dirty time lapse video of Puerto Vallarta bay while dining at some friends' Conchas Chinas condo sometime last week. As the sun went down, I had to adjust the aperture on my camera to compensate for the increasing darkness, which explains the sudden changes in lighting on the video. This … Continue reading Puerto Vallarta Sundown Time Lapse Video

A Nice San Pancho Casita

I recently had to dash to San Pancho to take some photographs for Vallarta Lifestyles and my friend Nicole invited me to stay at a cozy and affordable little casita, Casa de Rita, which she manages. Given its excellent location, I thought it would be worth sharing. Also, I understand that the owners, who live … Continue reading A Nice San Pancho Casita

Polo in San Pancho

There is something inherently elegant about the sport of polo. At least I always thought there was. After all, I had never experienced a polo match in person. That is, until this weekend, only an hour north of Puerto Vallarta, right in the middle of San Pancho. Who knew that there is a thriving polo … Continue reading Polo in San Pancho

Explore Gringo Gulch and Caloso by Foot

Have you ever wondered where some streets end up as you explore the town? If you have, I have an urban walk for you, slightly over a mile long, that will take you through timeless cobble-stoned roads in Gringo Gulch, one of the original foreign settlements in town, passing by the formerly fabulous home of … Continue reading Explore Gringo Gulch and Caloso by Foot

Visiting Galleria Dante

If a Puerto Vallarta newcomer on a tight schedule were to ask me "I only have time to explore one art gallery while in town. Which one would you recommend?" I would not hesitate to suggest Galleria Dante. Mind you, this doesn't mean that Dante is special or better than any of the other unique … Continue reading Visiting Galleria Dante

Los Nuevos Chicos de Antropology

José González, proud owner of Antropology, invited me to offer my photographic welcome to his latest dancer/hosts. Despite the fact that there are other venues in Puerto Vallarta that feature male strippers, there isn't a single ones that delivers with such panache as Antropology does. José always has over a dozen guys at his disposal, … Continue reading Los Nuevos Chicos de Antropology

ChocoBanana Gets a Makeover

While it is commonly known that the Olas Altas neighborhood is a great area to make friends and people watch, this corner gets particularly high scores. Owner and friend Debbi Egan recently remodeled, replacing larger, tables for these cozy ones. And the good thing about ChocoBanana is that it is open from early morning to … Continue reading ChocoBanana Gets a Makeover