Discover Isaac Hernández

Have you heard this name before? Originally from Jalisco, Isaac Hernández is now considered among the top male ballet dancers, worldwide and is now a principal male lead at the English National Ballet after similar roles with the San Francisco Ballet and the Dutch National Ballet Aljazeera conducted a video interview that is most interesting…

Charrería, Intangible Cultural Heritage in Jalisco

Despite the fact that the United Nations recognizes charrería—Mexico’s traditional rodeo-like competitive sport—as one of our country’s Intangible Cultural Heritages, it wasn’t recognized as such by the state of Jalisco until this weekend. reports that it was yesterday, during the 60th anniversary of Guadalajara’s annual Charro Parade, that governor Enrique Alfaro made the announcement….

Puerto Vallarta September Casting Call

Julio Toledo, a Mexico-based casting agency is seeking extras for a production that take place in Puerto Vallarta from September 23 – 27. They are looking for men and women of all ages and ethnicities, and apparently they will hire over 300 extras throughout the process. This is an international production, and there will be…

Spicy Marmalade Sighting at Walmart!

For better or worse, I very much enjoy visiting all—if not most—aisles whenever I’m shopping at the supermarket or at Costco if I have the time to do so. You never know when new products may show up on the shelves, and in the case of Costco, you never know when they will be stocked…


A new Caribbean cuisine restaurant in Versalles.