¡Estoy feliz y agradecido de haber podido compartir el escenario con mi hermanito, amiguito, y confidente, el artista Juan Pablo Hernández, y de hacer y descubrir música juntos! I’m thrilled to have shared the stage with my baby brother, friend and confidant Juan Pablo Hernández, and for the opportunity to discover and make music together.

A Taste of Zoë Lewis during ‘Grease’

I’ve been excited about Provincetown-based performer Zoë Lewis’ Puerto Vallarta debut since Tracy Parks of The Palm told me about her a few months ago. I remember him sending me a YouTube link to one of her performances, asking “should I book her?” Without knowing anything about her prior to that, I answered: “What are you waiting … Continue reading A Taste of Zoë Lewis during ‘Grease’

Proyección de la Ópera “La Cenicienta” en Los Mangos

Biblioteca Los Mangos anuncia la proyección de la ópera cómica La Cenicienta, de Gioachino Rossini, el martes 23 de febrero a las 7 PM. Dicha proyección es una extensión de las actividades de apreciación musical que viene llevando a cabo Paco Ojeda, maestro del centro cultural, durante los últimos dos años. “La historia de La … Continue reading Proyección de la Ópera “La Cenicienta” en Los Mangos

Announcing “The Palm Does Grease”

Our next tribute at The Palm, The Palm Does Grease, has been brewing for a long time. Released in 1978, the film version starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John took the world by surprise, shattering box-office records and annoying the entire Hollywood machine, particularly those who had little hope for the film during the production … Continue reading Announcing “The Palm Does Grease”

Miss Conception Goes to the Movies, Indeed!

Some ten months ago, Canadian artist Kevin Levesque, a.k.a. Miss Conception sat in my Puerto Vallarta living room, while enjoying the success of her show The Wonderful World of Miss Conception, a salute to favorite Walt Disney characters at Act II’s Red Room. Those of us who had the pleasure of enjoying the show watched … Continue reading Miss Conception Goes to the Movies, Indeed!

En el Cumpleaños Musical de Febrero…

Mi próxima plática de apreciación musical de la serie Cumpleaños Musicales, se llevará a cabo en Biblioteca Los Mangos el jueves, 11 de febrero, a las 7 pm. La serie toma en cuenta la fecha de nacimiento de tres compositores importantes en cada mes, y juntos descubrimos algunas composiciones musicales importantes de cada uno. La … Continue reading En el Cumpleaños Musical de Febrero…

Presenting “The Kim Kuzma Songbook”

The Kim Kuzma Songbook, my next presentation at The Palm Cabaret and Bar is a full circle return to the artist that inspired my first one: Kim Kuzma. I clearly remember driving to work one day, listening to her Acústico CD, and thinking to myself “there is some awesome stuff going on in here... I … Continue reading Presenting “The Kim Kuzma Songbook”

Cambia de Día Cumpleaños Musicales

Cumpleaños Musicales, la serie de pláticas de apreciación musical que he venido ofreciendo en la Biblioteca Los Mangos, continúa durante el ciclo de Invierno 2016, pero cambia de día. En vez de ser el tercer jueves de cada mes, ahora se llevará a cabo el segundo jueves.

My Take on Shawn Pelofsky

I had a chance to catch the performance of comedian Shawn Pelofsky last night at The Palm. This is the third year in a row that Pelofsky performs in town, and this time around you will have an opportunity to catch her December 15, 17, 18 and 19 at 9:30 at The Palm. But who the hell is she, and why should you care?

Lorena Peril and Ray Jon Narbaitz Open at The Red Room

Dynamic duo, Las Vegas Headliner Lorena Peril and husband, guitarist/vocalist Ray Jon Narbaitz took a sold-out audience by storm last night during their season-opening performance at Act II Entertainment’s Red Room. She is a tiny, drop-dead gorgeous, bubbly gal, born in San Francisco—but her mother is from El Grullo, Jalisco, so she’s this wonderful blend … Continue reading Lorena Peril and Ray Jon Narbaitz Open at The Red Room